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This piece in The Wireless has some great words in advance of Waitangi Day from our very own Annabelle Dick.


Traditional PR methods are, of course, still as relevant as they’ve always been, but with all of the new technologies and media options available to us why not use every opportunity to incorporate them into your campaigns to make them even more successful.

Wednesday, 07 September 2016 15:00

The Rise of the Paralympics

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A strange thing happened in our house last night, it was the Paralympic opening ceremony in Rio and for the first time ever, we didn’t watch ‘The Great British Bake Off’ live. Instead, we switched to Channel 4 to watch the first ‘The Last Leg’ and wait with baited breath for the opening ceremony to begin.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 09:12

Andy Murray Does Smile

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Is it just us, or has Andy Murray been more cheerful lately? Even before he won the Wimbledon men’s finals but he even threw his racket into the crowd and made a joke about then Prime Minister, David Cameron, following his win. We’ve been wondering if he may perhaps have had some help from a new PR agency.

Boris Johnson may be a politician, Conservative MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip to be precise, and the newly appointed foreign secretary but he is also a journalist currently writing a column in the Daily Telegraph. As a core member of Teresa May’s government will he, and should he, be allowed to continue with his column?

Mana's founder and MD, Caleb Hulme-Moir, has been finding out how practising Mindfulness can help us live in the moment and written a great piece for New Zealand's Sunday Star Times.

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Mana have been working with Anglican Bishop, Justin Duckworth, as he works to get the quota of refugees allowed into New Zealand increased from 750 to 1500 annually.

Bishop Duckworth says "As the Anglican Diocese of Wellington, we cannot stress enough how happy we are to welcome more refugees to the capital. I am confident that this attitude is shared by the wider New Zealand community." he continues, "As a society we have the desire and the capacity to do much more, and that is why it's time to double our annual quota of refugees from 750 to 1500."

This is something that Mana feels strongly about and we're proud to be helping the Bishop to spread his message far and wide.

In 2015 the UK Government established that UK Universities could, for the first time, recruit as many students as they thought necessary. This marked a huge shift from previous regulation which capped the number of students admitted to their different degrees. This week The Economist published a detailed and very informative article analysing the impact of this decision on universities across the UK.

The Goverment hoped that such changes would result in bigger-sized universities, more young people accesing higher education and an influx of highly-skilled professionals into the economy. However, these changes appear to be taking longer than expected. 

The Economist explains that a similar measure taken by the Government in Australia also took longer than initially predicted but that it did result in more young people from different social groups attending university. All in all, a positive move which will be felt, however slowly, in the sector, the economy and the country.

However, The Economist also warns against possible limitations: "funding the extra places will not be cheap: the policy will require the support of future governments. Unfortunately for those universities that are hoping to expand, that is far from guaranteed."

To read the article, please click here


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