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Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is a multinational bank and one of the country's 'big four' largest banks. Competition for consumers amongst the big four is fierce and desire to be perceived as the market leader strong.

Caleb Hulme-Moir was responsible for working with the business banking division to ensure the Bank was seen as a market leader in areas of strategic focus: digital banking innovation, the mid-market (companies with a turnover between A$10 - $100 million) and retail investment.

Media strategy centred on identifying and implementing initiatives that positioned Commonwealth Bank as leading its competitors. Examples include, running events to showcase the latest digital innovations for technology journalists, releasing a quarterly index on the state of the mid-market and providing ongoing commentary on the economy. Caleb also led a major initiative to bring a new product, MyWealth, to market. MyWealth is an investment tool for 'mum and dad' investors that was introduced to Australian consumers through a major launch event attended by over 30 journalists and then further promoted through marketing channels.

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American Express, Axioma, Cass Business School, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Editorial Intelligence, eBay, eVestment, IESE Business School, IMD, Institute of Risk Management, Oxford University, PayPal, The Mind Gym, Tuck Business School, University of Exeter Business School, University of New South Wales