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Identifying your Message
Identifying your Message

Before you start talking, it is important to know what you want to say.

Determining your organisational story may seem like an obvious thing but quite often, due to the organic way in which businesses evolve, this process does not occur. Every employee will have their own idea of the organisational story and often these versions will conflict. Organisations that communicate effectively have a compelling and clear message, which is understood across the organisation and frequently told publically.

Mana Communications works with organisations to explicitly define their organisational story by identifying a set of key messages and supporting examples. This messaging document is arrived at through a process of interviews with key stakeholders in the organisation, from board-level through to junior staff.

It is an exciting process to go through and it is incredibly powerful to be able to unite behind a shared story and vision. The messaging document is organic and ever evolving. Once arrived at, Mana works with clients to identify a strategy to share it with staff and external stakeholders in a way that engenders buy in and support.

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