We work alongside people and organisations to identify, give voice to, protect and grow their mana, reputation and influence.

Developing brand awareness and reputation isn't about making noise, it's about being heard.


In an industry of over-inflated creative agencies we're definitely not the biggest in the room - but we pack a quality punch across markets in Europe, Asia, the Americas and right here at home in the Antipodes.

From global organisations to local superheroes - we love telling a good story. 

And we believe being boutique keeps things tight. We all know each other, we all know our clients, and our clients know all of us. They consider us part of the team and that's the way we like it to be.


The Mana Communications rebrand was centred around the idea of 'Weaving people together', designed by Kimi Moana Whiting, a local Wellington designer.


The word 'Mana' is usually associated with a chiefly status. The word 'Rangatira' (to be of chieftainship, high rank, noble, esteemed,) goes hand in hand with that. When you break down the word 'Rangatira' you get Ranga (weaving) and Tira (group) which together make up the overarching idea of 'weaving people together'.


The style Kimi used to design the logo itself is the 'Toki' weaving style. This technique spans across the Pacific and is specifically used for items with great significance, and also to further infer significance to things.


The final logo Kimi designed encapsulates what Mana Communications stands for as well as feeling contemporary enough that it will be well received globally.


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Damon Birrell


Mana Team Headshots-52 R2.jpg

Ciara Byrne

Account Manager

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Caleb Hulme-Moir

Managing Director

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Annabella Gamboni

Senior Account Executive 

Tori Levy

Senior Account Manager

Loreen Tischler

Senior Account Executive

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Jessie Workman

Account Executive 

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2022.03.22 Mana Comms WEB-8672.jpg